Thursday, June 14, 2018


Excuse me excuse me... where is the way to the station? Ah ah Okay okay thank you, i dont know.

Thus we're tryin to abstain from awaitin fate the messy state, crazy nestin my misery tweak on the freak, speak Greek population increase, cream wasted tested on the sunny day, makes me sick moron; i was jus... attempting murda, shudder thus the mindset was hawling it dope mostly achieving the goal but it gonna hurt me, it gonna slightly painful name it, not that I want the type of shit means glitch bitchin' wikipedia cunning glean, doing something weird, prick, do away with it misleading shit would be again classy might be pun in it what is it on top of it. Ruling out the fool we work with tool we having already smirk aw-ful it makes my life miserable for long time drawing back the hair lean wipe out my face scribble riddle keep an eye on it holy shit nominee the life is kind of dia-rrhea to crap up but money solves any, mostly heavy crime felony just found out you mess up with to sth else it pry, a group religious monitors you jacking ISP, last night make me lazy, they speaking lies broadcasting, paper folding gigantic corp holding, i might be beaten up mostly deprived of the honor by the fake propagation within the fake nation, treated as sub-human yet still read the Al Quran, salvation coming, hating pastors, last time Christ bogged down across frowning typo I told last though, God damn relatively negative crammed, will bounce since this place is non-good, still give me sadness and halpess situation grab my arm, rolling playing with those fucking, hallicination, dazzled intertwin, must be greedy shotgun blown up face cracked, lying on the floor brain cell burned down, thats false, that's not my business, silly, tens of thousands of lives are born but I'm standing alone, life jacket, me lost the wallet, cared, might be flattened stay, it has been crapped out, outside is cold mostly, polution found out gonna be totally masked strip string mist, dilligent never get oint, once upon a time that bastard was good kyte really, bum fighting as the vermin on the street but that occured cuz there was no one to care for him.

Stomach hurts, gloan because we morn valor, let me guess rapist, mess with them gay freak, gonna just contagion, rotate i respect some, classy must be something juice, in the hood recording the script green leaves check that wack stack out bow wow, never been in the community but wait a sec there's a tons of problems, other asian one never welcome us, let thus happen get that down i don't buy it likely highly kind of riddle ripple freelance god damn, desperate to seek for the savious sassy, might be crappy might be lovely but looking back is not that option but such kinda phrase is held by many, lest in peace. Totally globally accepted habit, concept and dendrite, end point healthy, lest in peace gaming this, let it be cleansing risky my face skin be sometimes aggressively rubbish, peel my cell off, then, no choice but foil the meat and feel free, dollar tree, abhorrent communicating skills exposed chill, those people be scornful, make me upset always just give me the chance to practice the curse ritual, the drug was sold in the MS13 bad beat curly hair, early morning, hanging out with, however there is the crisis on our privacy, luxurious furious day, dubious state glory, walking on the bridge dope, calling yall a bit slope, wiggle people in the middle give me the riddle, sheeple, highly trained math, widely acclaimed thus, just stop and contemplate, clock-wise don't make me waste the fuel, duke, fool, moon light cascading last stating buiscit, local client tangent loving drake, no phrase raised up state maze lame eyes falling upon torrent lily jerk smirk won't comin love

[* the rhyme is created 6 months ago]



全体としてはコンプレッサのディストーションをオフにし、 Rap Vocal用のプリセットを使用。吸音材とかのない普通の建物なので、音の反響とか、オーディオインターフェースでどうしようもできない感じの雑音をノイズゲートでごまかす(お化粧)。ラップの音は、高音域を大きめにして低音を、ドラムやベースあたりと被らないように削る。(これしないと音が割れる)



また、AUPitchでお好みの音階に調整する。あんまりこきすぎてやりすぎると気持ち悪くなるが、音階気持ち +- 2度くらいでちょっと良さげになる。



また、ビートだけ作った時は良さげに思っていても、コンポネントが 多すぎると音割れの原因になるので、優先度低いやつからミュートして言って調整する。(シーケンサーはコンパイルまで音割れがわからないのが辛いところ)




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