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On patriotism

Many people, especially when the tensions between nations increase, tend to become patriotic.

It is partially because patriotism is sort of negation of the external enemy as a threat. As the well-known-fact, a government or any subsidiary organizations does educate (a.k.a brainwash) its people with the story that

1. there is an evil trying to harm your people

2. our government (organization) and its great soldiers are fighting against it

3. we need to overcome this threat such that we need to be assembled together and provide consent and power to the government(organization)

This propaganda is used everywhere to control people, in free country via the socially hacking of the SNS, such as the reason (partially) why Trump won the election and the existence of C.A. , and in CCP this is via the anti-Japanese education which persistently broadcasting 'good soldiers of ours beating the bad Japanese soldiers', in order to preserver their power and authority. 

However, for the latter part I personally cannot simply demonize them because actually Japan contemporarily / in the world war 2 also brainwashed people to sacrifice themselves in any form, saying the 'evil United States should be beaten by our great Japanese soldiers'. There is a famous Japanese proletarian novelist Takiji Kobayashi, who has been brutally tortured and has been dead by the local police.

The patriotism is mandatory in order to protect it's people, but also this is useful for military to harm the people outside, as history proves in the former Nazis or Japanese Imperial Army.

The pain Jewry people went through is because of the jealousy (partially) that politically powerless non-local people/race has extreme amount of capitals and for instance they financially supported Napoleon, the Fugger/Rothschild, and it means, even though in reality there were successful/non-successful Jews, people regarded Jewry itself as part of the conspiracy theory which is correlated to the decline of the West (and the chief cause why they are not doing well, such as the hyper-inflation), and therefore the minority Jewry was the easy strata to push all `non-good` thing.

Probably in the war time Japanese in China can be of that position, and in Japan probably minority Chinese and Korean can be in this position: 'the reason why we are not going well is because of these evil foreigners'.

Of course, any ongoing atrocities should be prevented as soon as possible, and the power-relations and the result of the fight between each nations/sub-groups are unknown.

However, we all agree that the tragedy what happened in former Nazis must be prevented again. One of my Chinese friends asked me why post-war Japan didn't resisted GHQ and she acclaimed that Japanese could resist against it, but I replied we cannot.

Maybe she misunderstand ours, (even though she is pretty smart person) that how is the fact that the atomic bomb dropped. There are no choices. Of course, how U.S treated post war Japan was very 'nice', different from what they did in Iraq, but anyway the multiple factor caused post-war JP government forced them to obey, because we lost the war to the U.S.

Patriotism might be necessary, but we all need to keep in mind that it is a double-edged sword. This can harm the ordinary people, father, mother, kids via your justice.

binary search tree: tree search

まあざっくりいうと binary search tree では左の子ノードが必ず小さく、右の子ノードが必ず大きく、という相関関係があるので、探索が O(h) (hは木の高さ)でわりと早い、という法則があります。


fun searchTree(x, k) {
    if x.key == k or x == null
        return x
    if x.key < k {
      searchTree(x.right, k)
    } else {
      searchTree(x.left, k)

こんなかんじで、再帰的に探索したり、または whileかなんかでループで実装もできます。



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