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Shiroto Daigakusei / Human Rights feat. Nue The Hermit

新曲です ラップですー





Yo zodiac maniac watch scheme 2015 track provided by nuethehermit, Im shiroto daigakusei biceps trained that’s what i said ..slain friends finally scrambled, daily shitty never trust white collar  so-called musician as well, they sucks looking down on patriot demandin respect I wanna kill em eventually haha consistent fluent check it homie oh.. vomit scouring make me sick rollin’ coerced the value, we facially obey em.. cuz occupation requires but internally i think i wanna kill them!

to fight against remorse zero, emo, ghetto, huge blacks like Hulk Hogan slaughtered, police said, NYPD, you suck, with painkiller hundred wacks swag excrement comes out bundled with it  pop sugar daddy hook thot up born in country hypocritic rules nasty media star wanna be the threat tourettes told maggot racial slur talking ‘bout da shit may be rapist blunder fake it mosquito biting baits hiding dad hanging too short, life expectancy all effort turn out in vain alma mater coma sucker this nation retarded punk will fail doubting the self standing intimidated jerk “interfeco” pediatrics magic irregular fuckin’ once I saw her slut, decided to get side hoe cheatin intakin blunt several pimp gangsta slack status only the way left for poor is indulging into bad thing elites doesn’t care hierarchy fixed race mixed Asia opposite ideal not America, then what? let me say I don wanna see yellow skin any mo.  let it go ASAP, let him get this pay stick men feel, Scottish attic former scholar bang tolar choke the motor biscuit hook me up juice can sue me fuck they luv demonising hyping thats their fuckin so called justice arrogant counter shielding nasty malice emotion behind the superficially good telling just a trash (you are trash!) why don’t chu get it high crime rate Chris Hansen suffa too much law is almost dead reprimanding not make sense spend the childhood in the rotten spigot look it pulling over the cadillac and carry the bitch big ass pussy gonna truly hollow borrow active my son erected infected AD H.O.M.I.N.E.M Y.M.C.A I tell this day me hate suckin fightin with nothin what to die for blue sky more than expected exist chick my mom disgusted bum fight am i right? no tax spent on education i see must be hang it out with the dollar coworker fired the only way is dead fallacy the available my life sucks gotta suffer struggling in the society which i do not belong bigger colleague harrasin me but i no he aint have no self confidence XYZ you gotta be scared too be sensitive showin enlarging yaself allergic towards everything paranoid. nobody can help dude calling him be ‘rouble alwayz jerking and lurkin spankin bullet in the chest muscle hustle with it . can’t spat on the floor blood pressure high i might be like conniva spider smack the avatar swastika nasty ass remember  that bureaucratic train i wanna kill the top no care about ppl utilising nerdy bullin that the reality manipulated.
(Dolan pls *4 )
malnutrition vision ousted North Korea hunger execution unbelievable where is human rights? UN useless powerless bastard animal. Power aint care people thats the big issue brain tissue spark fart smarts never looking back on the losers me, lyin and liven got money no value to life staying in developed country, suicidal too many levy bad worka, bad bad workas , hide their feeling of inner inferiority by attacking the others cruel nonsense however, they never realise actually hope dead some day, how awful it is. thats my life, Black Lives Matter, Police needs change, Gvt needs Love, Nobody want bigotry to kill the kids, Ps       

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NBA Players "I Can't Breathe" Statement - ESPN First Take



連日ツイッターで #Ferguson とか #ICANTBREATHE




 Stephen A Smith 氏がいってたように




unbrokenなんて映画つくってる場合じゃなくね? 自分のところの残虐性(Ab Ghraib)ともっと真摯に向き合えよ、


"I Can't Breathe" PROTEST SONG

"I Can't Breathe" - Eric Garner Dies After NYPD Chokehold (Full Video Co...

I can't breathe

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マネーの虎 移動キムチ販売 車と360万欲しい 3




I recently created Unix application called "calx". By default Unix has "cal" command, which displays console-based calendar. For MacOSX, however, I saw some frustrating points in the aspect of user experience(UX). For instance, the script never shows you current date in calendar(no syntax highlighting). So calx provides solution for this, it is highlighted in red. For ordinal developers they are reluctant to use GUI(Graphical User Interface) instead they want to do everything via terminal. In my case, I use tmux as such middleware, some MS-DOS users use emacs. (refer to the religious war(bellum) between vi and emacs lol) Anyway, i am really satisfied with the gorgeous console-based app i created for it meets my demands eventually. You can download my script here:

Monday, December 8, 2014

物語構成練習(クラフト) 1

The shocking incident occurred in the Morgan Street at September 4, 2020. Me and Jordan were in a coffee shop, sippin 12 ounces of darjeeling tea, arguing over the future perspective of our company.
Jordan was outraged for the accountant Mrs Pleas,  she was from Mumbai, studied in Harvard Law School, somehow currently in an occupation which is not of her specialty, but this is not a big issue here.
Seemingly Arab kid, probably about fifteen years old brought a gun in the room then people nearby screamed out of intimidation. This is threatning, eventually.
"You fagit", the boy whispered with abhorrent grimace, pointed the gun at an old white lady.
"Hey you elder thot I aint see any worth of you breathin muthafucka"
After few seconds he pulled the trigger.

We all expected after this brutal murder, the next target is one of us. What is his purpose for doing all this?  Due to the religious cause? (Jihad?) Anointed with various prejudices ordinal society regard ethnic minority as totally risky existence sometimes. But this time, now is the time of serious emergency. One blunder, one tragedy. All we gotta do is to show maximum respect and obedient attitude to this atrocious killer. Okay.  Interfecit me. I was looking for the way to avoid fatal results.

However, what people saw was unexpected horrid incident.

The old fragile lady had not been dead, even not injured at all. Non possum. None of them grasped what the heck is going on. She physically avoided range of the awkward gunshot of the miserable kid, and comma period later, she grabbed the gun from the left side of his arm and kicked his gut holding the gun, thrusted him, then finally robbed him of the weapon.
She was acting like she knows karate or something.  Elegant martial arts. Everybody around applauded for her brave and strong action, which left citizens intact to the impact of terrorism.

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There is no title

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 Mac の Dictationという機能を使って文字を起こしてみた 意味が分からない


愛とMacの機能使って今から喋りますとあぶいろいろ間違いとか。かもしれないけどこれを°すごいねこの機能使えばいくらでもしゃべれるし良子指でのタイピングがしなくてもアンカー記事とかもかけたいとかしてすごい本当にやばいこんなに認識の精度があるっていうねこれで夏の何でもできちゃう もももももする必要ないしこんなにそのアップルだね凄い力があるとは思わなかった開発なのかなやっぱり猫がすばらしいよやっぱりそういう所へ行かしてこれからのがんばっていくて感じでね僕が出てもiPhoneを使ってるんだけどしかしこれからジムにもいか投げ入れなくてとっても鼻水が出るやばいな鼻水が出る。理解してくれますかこの気持ち何を考えてもねまりの虎だ鼻水をすする音が全部私になるんだけどどういうことなんすかこれ分かれる気が拓哉いつかわかる人を見ているか、そらね向こうの星の数*花が  すればいいだとベンチプレスで今ちょうど75キロマックスだからあれを養ってはそういうことだねで体重は衝動を67キロ当たりそう今年はやばいねこの軟膏認識能力の凄さみたいなところがねえやばやば生きて生きてかな液量やわやわおおこれはねすばらしいと思うこんな喋るだけでテキストが書ける手元に4しゃべるだけでいいすばらしいっすよ神戸解決もうこれでも悩むこともないっていう感じすかやっぱりちょっとねあの感動するところが愛でできてる~もう夏のこしゃべるだけでなんか実できるっていうのは残り書籍とかに作ってで売ってるラスベガスもしかするとラスベガスじゃないまずそこら辺は鳥が人がないと難しいねじゃそういうことでとりあえずこれで一旦切ろうかなと思います岩手国から流れるオンセだと俺が取る薬室は一切なくなる何かないかなぁんかなそれがあればちょっと面白いちょっと教えてウエストレーシング長靴は日本娯楽版が出ない大粒がいる人これ成してみる四
ああああ。 2,806やっぱり友達電友達年はなんだろうこれよくわからないけどかなり混乱してるっぽいなぁいわけでもすごいわわてか布団の空を期待とりあえず家なってて