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プチプチハスケル第5話 長時間労働、ドキュメント、ツリーの問題点





客観(Object)というのはそれ自体独立した総体である。これらを説明づけるために主観とか思考(reasoning) を行う。記号化とは、主観の方の物事である。











今後の食事処を探すサイトとして、割と期待できるのが opentableだ。



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Seanziemoto 高速 - VΘID³ Feat. 菅野契


Hiroyuki Nishimura does not know nothing about Midori Yokoyama

 The thing is: Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2chan verbally abused Midori Yokoyama, Japanese Namanushi, the occupation which is the sort of the Internet Comedian. Hiroyuki said Midori is incapable of being on the public broadcast, since he has no specific skills like talking, and degraded his private channel "Ankoku Hoso"(The underground broadcast) as nothing but the gakugeikai(the small community in which limited members join). His point is Midori is inferior in general and incompetent to be successful as public figure.

  Yet my view is totally different. Hiroyuki tends to be a little bit judgemental and clings too much on his criteria. I have heard once him saying that the parents who give smartphones or tablets to their kids are stupid because these cannot be interactive in the real meaning, while laptop does allow you to do programming and be creative. But as time passes by it turned out to be false because tablet got pen so that you can draw pictures with it, or, recently the compiler app which supports bunch of languages appeared on the Apple Store. If you operate your tablet with your keyboard device, you can code with your iPad. Smartphone also can be the good device when used properly. Hiroyuki's assumption is totally consistent as nothing more than the way part of the dichotomy is. Actually these CONSISTENT theory turns out to be BullShits nobody want to eat.

  Also, to be honest, Hiroyuki shares too much in common with Midori, for instance, either became sensational and prevalent, one is his on-line chatting service and the other is his Nikonama product. And either of their successes are due partially to their luckiness.

  Hiroyuki dismisses too much of Midori's talent and strategy to being buzzed. It is totally shallow and superficial view that he is only succeeded because he disclosed his private info. Focus on how his broadcasting is organized. To enlist his strategy in his broadcasting,

1. His channel(Ankoku Hoso) has bunch of rules(restrictions)
2. He has unique appearance to let people impress him.
3. The channel has the interactive time(Totsu machi)
4. The channel has subject every time to attract the viewers.
5. He plans events (films, games, etc....)
6. He has strong characters.
7. His contents are not like TV at all.
8. His channel does not have any restrictions (not affected by any pressure groups /politics etc...)

  I doubt Hiroyuki's intelligence a little since he is too judgemental on this and too urgent to define what is defunct or not. He is poking too much into the area which he does not know well. Actually nobody knows where Midori and his Ankoku Hoso is heading to, but it is impossible to estimate his future career. For instance, a lot of figures who used to be the fan of that guy Hiroyuki is looking down on might be involved in the society and some of them might have social effect and it may become the opportunity for him to be involved in another stage/career.

  Hiroyuki is focusing too much on his skills of talking but actually what is the most prominent part is that Midori is really smart in organizing and planning a lot of contents which is really entertaining to majority of on-line consumers, including me.

 Once again, that guy judge too much on the subject which he does not deserve to. 

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共産主義の日常 第64,65回コミンテルン

プチプチハスケル 【松戸事件】

俗に言うAIで防犯がもっと効率よくなるよね、っていう意見で、割と今の技術水準で手をつけられそうなことを描いてみたんだけど.... 結構ここ周りって放置していて良いところではないので、すぐ誰かがやるべきだと思う。じゃあお前やれよって話だけど(笑)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

On Japanese society

The confession on the past bigotry is sometimes important for people who were active on the cyber space. Maybe the thing is the life itself tend to be backward incompatible, so the maxim defines that you cannot make any single mistake. Yet besides the online community issues, human species in general is always exposed to a lot of risks. Our people had been free from the war-like situations yet so large amount of people are murdered, tortured, or starved to death, including tiny kids on the daily basis. Natural disasters threaten us, flood or any other phenomenon can easily deprives the lives of thousand people.

Now, a lot of ordinary citizens live their daily stuffs without taking these risk-oritented existential reality into account. Especially our people are affected too much by the education that we are not allowed to think and act by ourselves. We really love to think as mass entity. Any deviations can be the cause of the severe social sanction. I know there are ying and yang in this traditional indigenous mindset, but it distracts us from the real world often. Our society deployed individualism yet just partially. Our mindset is not still not that of the individualism at all. Japanese middle class has the mindset of collectivism.

They really fear to make mistakes. Or, they try to expel and socially criminalize those deviated people, and we've seen that kind of thought process via the media agitation or politics. Look at what is going on in the congress. DPJ or else bashes LDP yet they are not doing discussion but they are trying to find any errors ardently and renounce them with these. Alas! What a demagogy but such emotional boolean thing and to not to consider with reason could harm the pubic decision process.

If the community is not accepting the weiros, the people who can function well in specific fields but not ordinary are selected in our ecosystem. If you are left handed, you are enforced to convert to the right hand. If you are too self-conscious and uploaded bunch of photos in your teenage period, you cannot live any longer because of the cyber bullying. The socially unfit populations has something ordinary people do not have. Some ADHD guy/girl are really intellectual in some field. Yet our community bashes and denies and make fun of them every single second persistently and try to silence them.

I think all people are gifted in some aspects. Yet majority often has the prejudice that people who are gifted in not ordinary way as a retard who do not deserve to be involved in the society.

This status quo is totally opposite to individualism. Individualism is the role-based community in which all members respect each other, do not judge each other because of the inability of doing something ordinary. A guy who now become famous musician who follows me on twitter said he previously personally had contempt on the guy who posted his photo on line. He said the rule has been changed in a decade. Yet it is untrue: you thought that way because you did not know what the reality was. Succeeded Youtubers knew that prejudice as BullShit so they did their own business and succeeded. Also, the people living in the nation who invented the www. has not give any fuck to that stuff and they posted their photo even decades ago. You know what Facebook is, so the thing is that musician boy was immersed into the asian superstition. That is it.

Diversity is always the key to the something new.

Hope our nation can deploy individualism in the appropriate way and evolve more.