Saturday, April 25, 2015

共産ガール 第三回コミンテルン アップしました



Friday, April 24, 2015

共産ガール 第二回コミンテルン アップしました

共産主義を信仰する10代ロシアンJK ナターシャ•ポミュスキーは全世界を共産党員にするため、日々戦うのであった 。。。。彼女をとりまくクラスメイトたちとの、はちゃめちゃ九条脱○発平和ストーリー☆


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

これまでは「トラック」に逃げてた またはニューエイジに逃げてた


?メロ サビ Aメロ Bメロ サビ...

という(浜崎あゆみとか) 構成とか、自分できちんと考えて、外堀つくって、











Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Power Rangers Super Samurai - 21 Samurai Forever

Planning is the most important human activity

I got a virus this week suffered me a lot. Nothing but not going to work this Thursday means only five paid holidays are left now so I gotta be very careful until October.

Ive learned so many since last April,  and I became strong mentally and also physically.

My goal never be altered,  though strategy need to be in some occasions.

All business, including personal achievement need to be clear, according as Peter Drucker. As far as I recollect,

(1) the ideal need to be broken down into clear operations.

(2) the operations have to be able to be measured and evaluated of its achievement.

In my case, it is, in ambiguous level,

(a) I wanna be involved in an occupation which I can maximize my own ability and potentials
(b) that is, art-related thing

to make it more clear and break down into actual operations,

(a)  I have to be cartoon artist
  (a-1) have two options: comedy or serious
          - who enjoys the works? (target)
             - what the target customer enjoys of your product?
                  (it should be enlisted)
     (a-1-1) make my works public online
     (a-1-2) go to publishing companies and get editors direct feedback
     (a-1-3) send my works to publishing companies for recruitment

(b) I have to make my living by music production
   (b-1) rap
   (b-2) new age
   (b-3) other genre  
        (b-*-1) live activity
        (b-*-2) online promotion
           1. promotion video making
           2. twitter
           3. etc...

Of course, I have to add quantities to these operations:
    how many(products), 
    until when(due date),

If appropriately planned and operated, learned from feedback, I believe there would be any form of success. Otherwise, the business is going to be corrupted and easily be selected. According to his theory it is.