Thursday, December 7, 2017

Yandex browser is better than Chrome / Firefox

  For a long time I was so frustrated by the already existing browsers because they are lacking respect of our privacies. Just think about it: Firefox or Chrome by default remembers your search results and puts your latest search on your new Tab. This is totally disgusting experience for me since if you search for the term "why girls are so nasty" on your laptop owned by your company, what happens is when your boss stops by your laptop and he/she might happen to see your private searches.
  I definitely know there is privacy mode but the option is really costly, and just I concluded that current browsers, especially Firefox is too verbose and not that easy to use at least for me.

  Then I found the new browser Yandex. Though it is not that popular, but the feature of this browser is much better than current mostly used ones. First, it does scan your downloaded files with the anti-virus software developed by Kaspersky Lab. Also, Yandex is kind of forked version of Chromium, and it improves its performance with deploying partially the feature of Opera. Also, aesthetics. Yandex does provides us minimum, and there are no verbose apparatus, also, the default size of the windows is perfectly fit to your desktop size as you can see as follows:

 Voila! and you see the scenery is GIF file and its moving. I think this browser can really boast of its performance because it is FAST. This is just my opinion but there are so many talented and top-level developers in Russia and I believe Yandex is one of the greatest product I have ever used in my life at this point. Is is much cleaner, and combined with the DuckDuckGo engine it can be assured that your personal search history is NEVER going to be tracked by someone.

  From the security aspect, Yandex does a lot to protect client from DNS related attack (like spoofing) and encrypts it packets appropriately so that even if your Wifi connection is God Damn WEA still this browser does help you protect that shitty vulnerable connection.

  I personally recommend this browser since it is easy to use.

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