Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I hate golang

I am terribly sorry but I now am a hater of Golang.
It is not that easy to use because the type conversion (from random object to string etc....) is not supported, also, there are no functions corresponding to the collection handling (map, reduce, filter).

So when I'm coding in the language I feel like coding in C, in order to make you code concise always re-implementing the functions which already exist in the other languages (mainstream like Ruby, Python etc...).

I now am totally fucked up with this language, it is completely verbose, even though I am not that familiar with the performance details except the only advantage I know of in Go is of its concurrency.

If you are really good at the Go coding and know how to deal with the situation I am facing with, please contact me tobasojyo@gmail.com.

I need your help. At least at this point, I dislike this language because of the syntax issues.



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