Saturday, May 26, 2018


Since the post war period, Japanese animators have gone through the agony, that they have been exploited with incredibly cheap labor. In contrast to the average income of Japanese employee, ~ 3 million yen annually, they only can earn 1 million yen per year and almost this situation disables them from continuing to dedicate themselves to be in the anime industry.

Japanese anime industry, long time exploited animators, since advertising company exploited too much and, anime manufacturing company was inferior to those. Also they had to negotiate with publishing company.

Then, what changed in 21st century. We had distributed network, the extension of P2P, Dapp, etc. I have been inspired by Polyswarm's distributed security analysis platform. The conclusion is, with this, the middlemen tortured the subcontractors can be eliminated and the anime audiences and its creators can directly can communicate with each other. This is really important. We no longer need company, or, at least it is not mandatory at all. 

 First, there should be unified license, which is liberated and never proprietary. For instance, the same works of same episode can be manufactured by multiple teams. With this infura, our ecosystem can enhance more liberty and manga artist can benefit more from their labors.

Second, users are going to vote for the works/project they really want to consume. The vote means deposit so that once it has been reachd unto certain amount of level, the project starts. Also, the voters vote for the directors they trust for its quality. Democracy reflected instead of we blindly obey the corporate policy which say "hey, we do this way, you must admit it".

Thirdly, director has to create the prototype(econte) of the project. Then, pubicly offer the animators who contribute its pages.

Fintech and financial systems are slowly deviating from the centralization and more democracy are going to be applied (even though there was the BTG blunder)... then why not anime? We no longer need to get along with and obey the company's "Oh, this is adults context. We hire someone else who can work more cheeply and we wont pay more to our domestic artists". Fudge that. There msut be some innovations and a brand new platform should be established in order to let artists rewarded more.

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