Saturday, November 11, 2017

The nursery robot and its development

The development and deploying the Nursery Robot is the top priority taking the current demographic situation in the developed nation in to account. Yet in Japan Government and private company, are trying to launch the project off the point. We need to take the approach to solve this issue from the following viewpoints:

How to physically assist the target in the following:

- wake up from the bed
- bring up from the bed and let & keep him/her stand
- how to let him/her walk
- how to let them walk to the toilet
  - take off the pants
  - sit down on the toilet
  - the support of him/her to deal with the excrement, wipe it out and wash
  - take on the pants
  - get out of the toilet

- Bath
  - {similar procedures}

- Eatings
  - {similar procedures}

The labors which caregivers do could be broke down into these imperative process, and each single procedure needs to be implemented, with the safety taken into account.

This at least requires the following:

- Interface such as:
  - visual sensor device to grasp the target
    -  feature to recognize the "excrement"
  - audio device (Siri or something) to accept the command input
  - arms and legs to physically support the target
  - Network interface (or backdoor) to accept the OS / app updates to fix bugs or apply additional features or the external data as part of the machine learning or analysis.
  - ....

The thing is average Japanese are not that smart enough to do the STUPID attempts as I stated above. Maybe foreigners could launch some venture project to achieve this and I will promise that the company make a lot of money in the developed nation which suffers from excessive amount of old people.

We immediately need to study and apply IoT and AI related technology to solve this nursery related issue because this could hinder us the potential labor force contribute fully to our society.

To make excuse for just screaming Safety can deprive us of any innovation opportunity to drastically solve the current social problem.

For instance, the image above does reduce the pain of caregivers since the robot is going to grasp the target and let him/her sit down and bring to the target location. The crucial implementation is sensor and AI related thing(and detailed mechanism how each finger works appropriately). The shower included since sometimes we need to clean the testicles/vagina of the target.

We have to deprive every single human labor of the caregivers.

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