Saturday, April 30, 2016

I was Fed up with the Political Bigotry

Politics is one of the harshest topics to talk in public cause we almost share nothing, there are always counter-arguments and someone who feel uncomfortable for your view. We might easily be indulged in bigotry. Trump is hated for his xenophobia and misogyny, while he definitely is supported by some citizens, called trolls, who also are part of American history and values. Megalomaniac figures often tend to be supported when people encounter with geopolitical or any other political threats. Always politics is sort of reflection of social reality. Criticizing demagogic politicians belongs to easy hippie style in 70's. What required most is reasoning et analysis on the background, IMAO.

Even Linus Torvalds said when (even technically) you speak out something, there are always people who are mad at your opinion. The most safe way to live is trying to disguise yourself as read-only, neutral ordinal guy. Probably in the socialist society there is no option but such attitude, disguising yourself and pretending to be analogous to the doctrine central institution(like Kremlin) provides. I personally am fed up with "politics", for there are no right answers(veritas) for it. Leftists omits threat, and Rightists dismisses international(or inter-racial) altruism. On the other hand, people have tendency to organize their ideological preference in their lifetime with self-centered instinct. Self-centered instinct implies your self-definition like ethnicity, religion, nationality, family, feature, community and it's benefit have to be top-priority. This might be part of Husserl's theory (phenomenology). There must be no a priori(aka thing-in-itself). This leads to the conclusion that it is non sequitur to be dedicated to any sorta political bigotry.

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